The Zeus Oncology Fund is a (501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN #83-4112036) organization dedicated to providing financial assistance for the treatment of rescue dogs diagnosed with cancer.

The Zeus Oncology Fund (ZOF) was created in 2018 to help provide funding for treatment of rescue dogs diagnosed with cancer. The ZOF is in honor of Zeus, a Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue alumnus, who was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma in 2017. Zeus had surgery along with necessary treatment and rehabilitation, and is now in remission and doing well. When Zeus’ family recognized how expensive surgery and treatment could be, and saw so many dogs facing cancer, they decided to start a fund to financially assist rescue dogs diagnosed with cancer.

It is in Zeus’ honor that his owners, Melissa Rupoli-Katz and Peter Katz, created a special fund, so that other rescue dogs are granted the opportunity to have safe, effective, cancer treatment. Each unique case is reviewed carefully, and consideration is given for those dogs whose treatment has a good prognosis for return to a good quality of life.

These special grants allow us to help rescue dogs and their families when they need financial assistance, and rescue organizations who have dogs diagnosed with cancer. Every donation goes directly to the quality care of our cancer dogs who are under the supervision and guidance of a veterinarian or veterinary oncologist.

A visit with Ben, the first recipient of the Zeus Oncology Fund