Financial Assistance Guidelines

If you are seeking financial assistance, please carefully read the guidelines before applying: 

Please note that financial assistance is based on funds available through the Zeus Oncology Fund and is for cancer treatment and surgery only. Treatment options are at the discretion of the owner & veterinarian. The ZOF makes no recommendations, or encourages types of treatment/surgery. The treatment and prognosis are between veterinarian and the owner of the dog to base their decision, and the final outcome is not guaranteed. ***

The Zeus Oncology Fund (ZOF) will only provide funding for cancer treatment of RESCUE DOGS

If you are seeking financial assistance, please read the guidelines before applying: 

Recommendation for financial assistance must be through your veterinarian or canine oncologist.

The ZOF cannot assist with charges incurred prior to approval.

The ZOF does not pay for treatment in advance.

The ZOF grant will not exceed $5000 per recipient.

The ZOF does not pay a deposit.

The ZOF cannot reimburse the applicant for payments made to the veterinarian. Payments are made directly to the veterinarian based on the most current invoice and agreed upon financial assistance.

Financial assistance is offered based on financial need, availability, good prognosis for successful treatment, and the owner’s ability to support the treatment process both physically and emotionally. In addition, prospective recipients of funding must have the guidance, supervision, and medical assessment of a qualified canine oncologist that either works with a veterinarian or is the sole care provider for the dog.

*Once you have received your dog’s diagnosis, there is a good prognosis for recovery and quality of life, please email and request the password to fill out the pre-qualification application on line. Please note that you must fill out the application in full before it is sent to our Review Board and processed.

You will not qualify for assistance through the Zeus Oncology Fund under any of these circumstances:

  • You are not a resident of the United States
  • You do not provide the ZOF with all required documents
  • Your veterinarian will not accept payment from the ZOF
  • If you provided false financial information on your application
  • You cannot prove ownership of the dog and that the dog was adopted from a rescue