Cancer does not discriminate in human life or with dogs. “Your dog has cancer” are the words a pet owner never wants to hear, and to have a dog diagnosed with cancer and not have funds available to help can be devastating. The Zeus Oncology Fund depends on our donors to help loving families, and rescue organizations treat their dogs diagnosed with cancer. Help give a dog a fighting chance with cancer treatment so they can continue to be loved and cared for by their family without the additional financial hardship. Help give a rescue dog a fighting chance with cancer treatment so the rescue organization can use funding to save more dogs.

We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization (EIN 83-4112036). Your generous tax-deductible gift allows us to treat dogs diagnosed with cancer and give them the best outcome for survival. Often, families have to make a decision based on finances in order to save their dog. Equally, rescues do not have available funding for treatment and must make difficult decisions based on finances. The Zeus Oncology Fund wants to alleviate the financial burden. All donations go directly towards the cancer treatment of our recipients and no donation dollars are used for administrative overhead. 

Together We Save Lives.