The Zeus Oncology Fund is a non-profit foundation dedicated to financially assist rescue dogs with cancer treatment.

The Zeus Oncology Fund (ZOF) was established in 2018 and a 501 (c)(3) registered nonprofit in 2019, to help provide funding for treatment of rescue dogs diagnosed with cancer. The ZOF is in honor of Zeus, a Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue alumnus who was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma. Zeus had surgery along with necessary treatment and rehabilitation, he is now in remission and doing well.

Our Stories


May has this will and a zest for life that is unlike anything I’ve ever known. She is resilient and she inspires me everyday. I am grateful to the ZOF for your support, for your willingness to help a senior dog, and most importantly, for giving us hope. Thank you!…
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Zeus Oncology Fund has been a great support during Jane’s cancer treatment and she even enjoyed her welcome package treats. She can’t wait to go back sheep herding and course agility again! Jaime R., 2020
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It may sound like a conceit, but we have the best dog there could ever be. Deucalion Prometheus Price – Dekker – is as close to perfection as a living creature can get. All those charming stereotypes about golden retrievers? He is that with none of the bad. Even when…
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Shug Jordan

I cannot tell you how grateful I am and how you made this whole thing easier because when I was scared and afraid you said yes. You helped me have her a little longer. It means so much to me. D. Smith, -2020
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The support from ZOF has been wonderful and means the world to me and Zuri. She’s ruffing up cancer! I wouldn’t have been able to give this to Zuri without your help.
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