When we found out that our sweet dog, Alfalfa, would likely have a regrowth of his sarcoma without radiation treatments following his surgery, we were a bit overwhelmed. Anyone who has experienced a pet having a cancer diagnosis knows how extremely expensive all of the treatments can be. We absolutely wanted to get the best possible care for our dog and were heartbroken to learn his life would be shortened so much without these costly treatments. We truly didn’t know what we were going to do, but we definitely didn’t want to give up on Alfalfa. He is such a huge part of our family and a light in our lives. Anyone who meets him falls in love. He’s just the gentlest, most easy-going dog. So, we began searching for funding and applying where we could, keeping our expectations low. When we heard back that the Zeus Oncology Fund would help contribute to the radiation treatments, we were blown away by their generosity. A huge weight was instantly lifted, and we knew Alfalfa was going to be cared for. Now, he is almost finished with treatments and he is doing so well. He’s gaining weight and strength back. We’re so lucky that we can keep him in our lives now for a much longer time. We are incredibly grateful to the Zeus Oncology Fund for all they have done for us. They’ve not only provided financial support but simple human kindness and positive vibes through their messages and care package. This company has been an absolute blessing and a joy to work with. The work they do is so valuable, and it fills my heart to know that organizations like this exist. Thank you a million times, and if Alfalfa understood what you have done for him, he would surely thank you, too.

Mallory P.,-2020