Intestinal Adenocarcinoma
Treatment: Surgery

Ben was discovered wandering the desert in Phoenix while weighing only 37 lbs. (His healthy weight was about 65 lbs.) His unflagging patience and gentleman-like demeanor allowed him to not only seamlessly integrate into our household, but also was instrumental in helping us raise a Labrador puppy and welcoming our little girl into the family.

We found out when he was deathly-ill a day after Christmas. He required emergency surgery to remove what turned out to be an obstructive mass in his small intestine. We did not hesitate to do surgery … he was family. Biopsy results revealed Intestinal Adenocarcinoma and it had spread to his lymph node. The best option to prolong his life was going to be chemotherapy; however, after spending about $5,800 on pre-op treatment and the additional cost of post-op treatment, it was going to be difficult for us, especially due to the fact that we have a small child and the holidays had just passed. However, we were very lucky to receive financial assistance from the Zeus Oncology Fund. The fund covered most of the additional tests, treatments and ultrasounds that he would need. This assistance allowed us to get Ben the best possible care that he could receive. It was a huge comfort to know that we were not alone in the battle with Ben’s cancer. We ultimately said goodbye to our Benny on April 22, 2018, but those last four months were the happiest and most rewarding times in his, and our, lives. 

“We will forever be in debt to the Zeus Oncology Fund for everything that it has done for our family.”

– Dan C., 2018

Total Cost of Treatment:  $1900