Malignant Mammary Cancer
Treatment: Surgery

Charlie came in as a stray, so there was no medical history on her. She had a large malignant mammary tumor that was surgically removed in 2016, and she was given only 3-6 months. Charlie was placed in foster hospice care so she could live out the remainder of her life in a loving home. The tumor returned a year later and was removed again. When the tumor reappeared a few months later, Charlie was under the care of the Zeus Oncology Fund and was examined by a Board-Certified Canine Oncologist. In September 2018, a decision was made to have surgery again, in hopes of getting clean margins and complete tumor removal.

Charlie’s surgery was a success, albeit, with a lengthy recovery. Charlie now enjoys her walks, car rides and hanging with her other furry brother and sister.

Charlie was also adopted by her foster hospice mom.

– Jessica S., 2018 

Total Cost of Treatment -$4000

Charlie – Fully Recovered After Treatment
Charlie – Recovering After Treatment
Charlie – Recovering After Treatment