Cancer is a horrible word. My Chloe has had skin cancer all her life, but as far as I can remember it was very manageable and affordable (for me) to remove over the years. Unfortunately, 8 years into her every other year necessity, the time between necessary treatment became shorter and shorter, and the last time the price more than tripled. The severity of her cancer had jumped from manageable, to quickly reoccurring. Being jobless due to the pandemic, I was not sure I was going to be able to give my girl more time. I had a friend who referred me to ZOF and I jumped at the chance to get some assistance, if it meant more time for Chloe. Melissa was quick to respond and very kind and understanding. I was very fortunate to receive assistance from ZOF and Chloe made it through her surgery. I am forever grateful for each and every extra night of snuggles and days of play Chloe and I will have, thanks to the help of ZOF.

Sarah M., -2021