Eddie is our precious mini Jack Russell, who at 6 years of age was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Her life was hard enough already, as she had been abused by the man who owned her until intervention and her life is now with us. Eddie loves to chase ‘the cats’ but likes a couple of them enough to sleep cheek to cheek. She is happy with her unstuffed ‘chicken’ toy and shakes it silly each time she picks it up. She loves to chase rabbits down the fence line and bark (ok it is more like a yap) at the construction people in the yard behind us.

She can still do these things because of the Zeus Oncology Fund. We were already dealing with human Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia at $13,000 monthly treatment plan, and news of Eddie’s disease brought instant fear of losing her just because we could not afford her treatment. The Zeus Oncology Fund stepped up and has pledged a good portion of the overall expense to help Eddie beat this demon.

There will be more needed in the future, but if it were not for the Zeus Oncology Fund. There would be no future. There would be no partial remission.

Eddie says thank you. We say thank you. And Eddie’s co-horts in canine crime, Penryn the Australian Shepard and Frank the Pug say thank you. They wait for her arrival from each chemo visit and jump and play in happiness when she returns.

Eddie is special. So is the Zeus Oncology Fund.

Lee H., -2021