Camping in the desert on Thanksgiving weekend, three years ago, God sent me an angel! He was just under two and had clearly been out there a while when he walked out of the bushes, came straight up to me, set his head on my lap and looked up at me with his sad eyes. I had no intentions of keeping him but I took him home to get him medical care and find him a home. Ha! Two days later he was MINE!!! I fell in love. Everyone said I was his angel, so I said ok, “then he can be my Halo!” 

Christmas morning Halo had two grand mal seizures and a third one that night so they started anti-seizure meds. It ended up being a large brain tumor. I was devastated! Then I found out how much it would cost to treat him. I knew this was going to take a miracle but I also knew God would provide for us. I knew He didn’t send this angel to me in the desert for it to end like this! Then he sent me more angels! Zeus Oncology Fund, along with a couple other organizations pulled together and I was able to get my precious boy the radiation treatments he needed! 

Halo and I are so grateful for ZOF‘s support during this difficult time and thank God for them! They are so special to us! Love & prayers, Kellie & Halo 🐾

Kellie K.,-2021