2nd Chance Dog Rescue saved Harley after his owner was critically wounded and his family did not want to take care of Harley.  Since coming into rescue, our boy was diagnosed with skin cancer Squamous cell carcinoma  and hemangiosarcoma.  Harley had undergone several surgeries and chemo, but sadly there was one tumor that kept spreading.  The Oncologist informed us, that in order to give Harley a decent quality of life, he would need to undergo a penile amputation and 19 days of radiation.  This decision weighed heavily on my heart, in addition to it being an invasive surgery and intense radiation treatment, it was also going to be extremely expensive.  Our boy Harley has such an amazing spirit and has fought cancer before, so we decided to move forward with surgery/radiation.  2nd Chance Dog Rescue, Harley and his amazing foster parents are so thankful to the Zeus Oncology Fund and your supporters for assisting with our boy’s surgery/radiation treatment.  I am thrilled to say; Harley did amazing with the surgery and is going into his 2nd week of radiation treatment.  Our boy hasn’t skipped a beat and is still so full of life and love.  Thank Zeus Oncology Fund for helping us give Harley a 2nd Chance.


Diana C., 2020
2nd “Chance” Dog Rescue