When we found out that our beloved dog Kobe had Osteosarcoma at such a young age, he is only 6 years old, our world came crumbling down.  We adopted Kobe when he was only 4 months old.  Kobe is the kindest dog we have ever met. The love and joy he has brought to our family through the years is like no other.  We were told that without treatment, he would not be with us past six months.  That was a nightmare for us, but a worse one was not being able to afford the treatment that would give him a chance at life.  In the midst of that devastation is when we found Zeus Oncology Fund.  This organization was the light in a dark tunnel for us.  The excellent professionalism and exceptional kindness we found at ZOF and with Melissa are incomparable.  Thanks to how quickly they responded and to their generosity we were able to give Kobe the treatment he needed.  Zeus Oncology gave Kobe a chance at life, their support in such a hard time meant the world to us and for that we will forever be immensely grateful.  

Miguelina V.,-2020