Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Treatment: Stereotactic Radiation

Lady was only two years old when she was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma and had a very large tumor under her leg. Amputation of the leg and removal of a portion of the pelvis was recommended. Due to her young age, zest for life, and good health, the Zeus Oncology Fund supported her in getting the best medical advice for her future and to save her leg from amputation. Our Board-Certified Radiologist Oncologist recommended stereotactic radiation, and there was enough research to provide a solid success rate with this type of cancer. Lady had one stereotactic radiation procedure and the tumor already reduced by 30% in just a few weeks. The goal is to shrink the tumor for surgical removal and save her leg. Lady responded very well to the treatment with few side effects. – 2019

Total Cost of Treatment – $7,900

Lady – After treatment
3 weeks after stereo-tactic radiation-some hair loss
6 weeks after stereo-tactic radiation, hair loss and tumor shrunk 40%