When I found out my dog had cancer and needed to have surgery I was a bit in shock. Then I found out he had 2 separate kinds of cancer and needed surgery right away, which was also a shock The next shock came with the estimate for the services. The whole process is tough on an owner and the pet. Even to get to the point of the full diagnosis is tough and costly. I have no husband or kids in my life and my dog is really my closest confidant. I went into auto pilot into making it happen. Due to the short nature of timing I didn’t have much time to gather funds and wasn’t exactly sure what I would do. I even had to borrow against my 401K as I didn’t have the extra funds.

I found Zeus Oncology Fund on a list of places that might be able to help. Timing on that is tough as well due to all the current needs in our nation from Covid and other issues. I contacted Zeus and they were so friendly and helpful. I was advised on how to fill out an application to see if I might be granted some funding for my dog’s surgery. They were so great and supportive and reviewed the application so fast. When no other place was there for me, Zeus granted some funding for my Maxx. They made that process easy to deal with as well. Even the cancer surgery place was so excited for the grant and impressed!  It was so helpful to have a portion of such a big bill addressed by them I can’t even express my gratitude. They made me feel part of them and there for me. I enjoyed their interest in his progress and sharing updates. I didn’t receive any other funding but I am so grateful for Zeus Oncology. I hope this aids in a long life for my confidant Maxx. Thank you so much Zeus!!!

Jennifer R.,-2022