I will forever be amazed at the help I was able to receive to fund Oscar’s radiation treatments!

Oscar was rescued with his 2 brothers from a high kill shelter in Hesperia, CA 11 years ago.  Having just lost my Rottweiler, Toby after 13.5 years together, I didn’t hesitate when I agreed to foster Oscar and his 2 brothers.   As they grew, Oscar bonded with my Chihuahua Grover, so I foster failed, and kept him.

Grover and Oscar have been best buddies ever since. in March of this year, Oscar sneezed up a blood clot, and my regular vet referred me to another local vet that would have the correct medicine to stop the bleeding.  Little did I know that this was the beginning of an amazing journey.   The new vet, Dr. Lee, was so incredibly thorough with his exam, fully body x-rays and tons of blood and fungal tests.   Everything came back normal!

A week later we went back for a follow up, and that’s when the vet noticed the asymmetry on Oscars face, and did more tests, which came back as nasal carcinoma.  Dr. Lee referred us to Vet Cancer Group, but we couldn’t get an appt for a month and a half.   I called Dr Lee, and she took it upon herself to call the oncologist and got his appt moved up to the following week.  this was the 2nd amazing event in our journey.

The 3rd amazing event, was that a friend of a friend had seen my post on Social Media, and tagged her friend who had recently gone through the same thing, and her dog was being treated by the same oncologist.    I immediately reached out, and that’s when I learned about Zeus Oncology fund, as they had helped her dog also!!

ZOF has been amazing, from the date Oscar was diagnosed, to when we started treatments, not even a month had gone by!  ZOF responded quickly and agreed to assist us, along with several other funds and Oscar’s treatment is fully funded!

We are currently 4 out of 6 treatments in, and I already see a huge improvement.   It’s wonderful peace of mind to have knowing that my energy can go to giving Oscar healing vibes of a full recovery, instead of being stressed out trying to find ways to pay for each treatment.

Oscar has a lot of life left n him, and we’re excited for the future being cancer free!

Thank you so much ZOF!!

Kristen & Oscar