I write this as my girl sits by my side, snoring away. It’s a sweet sound I’ll never take for granted; a sound I hope to hear for years and years to come thanks to the support of Zeus Oncology Fund. Pig, my nearly 8-year-old pitbull mix, was saved by this incredible organization. For the last few years, Pig has had ongoing struggles with mass cell tumors. Fortunately they have always popped up in easily operable areas around her velvety soft belly and with early surgical intervention, we’ve managed to avoid any spread of these pesky cancerous bumps. Through numerous surgeries to remove these tumors, Pig has been a warrior, never letting them keep her from her next adventure for long. That is until her most recent bout came with uncharted challenges. 

When what I had hoped was a simple bug bite on her foot from one of our many recent hiking outings never went away, my heart sank. I knew we were facing another tumor, this time in a location I knew surgery could not fully remedy. Through many doctors visits I learned the only way to rid Pig of the dangerous tissue from this new mass was to perform radiation. Having just invested thousands to remove her most recent round of tumors only months’ prior, facing the cost of radiation to save my girl was near impossible. That is when I was introduced to Zeus Oncology Fund. 

The generosity of Melissa and ZOF helped me to afford the radiation treatment Pig needed and surrounded us with an incredible community of love and support. The messages of encouragement from Melissa and other pet parents meant the world to us and made a scary experience feel safe. We are part of the ZOF family now and for that I am forever grateful. 

Thank you, Zeus Oncology Fund, for saving my best friend and adventure partner- she’s a truly special pup.

Page E.,-2021