Treatment- Radiation

Sachi began as our foster in 2016 just before the close of Tucson Greyhound Park. She was 3.5 years old and very aloof, showing little expression, not even a tail wag.  She passed cat testing, and was chosen by a young military family with a cat. Off she went with a volunteer, however, she returned just a few hours later. It turns out that Sachi decided cats were far more interesting this time than during her first meet!

With us, she blended so well with our home and business (Greyt Escape boards greyhounds only). Lucy, our senior greyhound, seemed to like her. So, Lucy got a new sister for her birthday and Sachi (previously Kaytie) found her forever home.

Over time, Sachi developed an adorable personality. It took her longer than most, but, she got there! Her first bit of mischief was to hop the short wall into the bigger yard if we left without her (didn’t you know…greyhounds “don’t’ jump! LOL). Her next act was to pull fabric from the studio, unrolling it all the way down the hall and into the living room. She never chewed it, but…that was a lot of fabric washing upon arriving home! We quickly learned to close the studio door….

Over the few years she was with us, Sachi finally began playing with toys, wagging her tail, “talking” in dinosaur sounding gibberish, and lovingly greeting the hounds and their people each day.

Her sister, Lucy, passed away in the summer of 2018 from Osteosarcoma(bone cancer) and Sachi mourned her loss for quite awhile. Then, “grandma” brought home a new “cousin” (non-greyhound) and Sachi learned how to play like a “real dog” for the first time.  They loved each other: romping, chasing,and playing whenever they could.

Sadly, just 3.5 years after her adoption, Sachi was diagnosed with and lost her battle to Osteosarcomaas well. She found true happiness that last year and we will never forget her smile and silly antics. She marked us for life and it is still hard not having her here, waking us up each morning.

Thanks to Zeus Oncology Fund and the dedication of Southern Arizona Veterinary Oncology, we were able to fight for her to have less pain in her final days.  We will miss her always….

—Michelle C., 2019