Zeus Oncology Fund has given me help and peace of mind in a pet owners most stressful time.  Finding out my dog Tara has cancer made me feel I had failed her, and made worse that I had to leave for a military commitment. By helping provide the funds for medical care to give a chance at a longer healthy life ZOF has helped both Tara and I more than I can describe.

Tara’s Story:
Tara is a 7 YO doberman rescued from a shelter in Florida after over a year in that shelter.  She was loved by so many workers and she is always excited to meet new people.  I found her online and we immediately clicked when visiting at the shelter. The shelter volunteers even commented that she seemed calmer and more comfortable around her new family.  She has kept this relaxed attitude in her knew home, often choosing to relax on the couch with her human or occasionally reminding him when it is bedtime. She loves walks and can’t get enough of running (even after her medical issue.) Also despite loving everyone she meets; she still is able to protect her family; proven when she scared off an intruder in her house. She’s earned her place in my family through her reciprocated loyalty, love and protection. Recently she ate something that gave her GI issues and was taken to the emergency vet for observation. In the process it was found that she had 2 masses. One in her intestine and another elsewhere in her abdomen. Exploratory surgery was done and a small section of intestine was removed with a golf ball sized tumor. The other mass was deemed inoperable.  All of this was a surprise in a happy dog that was acting normal just the day before. She has been diagnosed with Mass Cell Tumors and put on medication and Chemotherapy to hopefully reduce the cancer and give her more time as the happy,  friendly dog she is.Currently she is staying with my dad in Pennsylvania and working with an Oncologist. I have a military commitment and know she will be taken care of with family. She’s adjusting well to her new location though with some expected side effects from the medication.  Through it all she remains her friendly happy self, learning the routine and making new friendships where she is now. I’m Greg, Tara’s owner. Sometimes life’s timing isn’t great and I am heartbroken I cannot be there for my “pup” when she’s going through all of this. I’m looking forward to getting back to her, going on a road trip to bring her home, and continuing to give her the best life I can because she deserves it.       

Very respectfully, 

Gregory P.,-2021